Areas of expertise

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Using scientific discipline in handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent food-borne illness.


Opportunities are shared while evaluating international food exports and imports through up-to-date data.


New technology, tools and equipment that increases agricultural production.


Developments in the agricultural sector, incentives and state supports are handled under Royal Innovative.


Farming in sustainable ways, that meets society's present food requirements, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their demands.


Cultivating wholesome food with pure seeds and without the use of any fertilisers, chemicals or additives.


Managing Turkey's agricultural production center with natural resources and fertile land that creates goods that are shipped globally.


Applying agricultural management and scientific principles to the problems of global food production and distribution.

Boris Wolfman And His Company Ushering In A Greener World

Royal Innovative, the Turkey based group, established by entrepreneur Boris Wolfman is regularly in the news for spectacular advancements made by the company. The company has wide ranging interests in multiple sectors and the impact of the operations have been felt in the way the environment has been protected. The company deals with products used in the manufacture of biofuels and has been helping growers get the best deals while ensuring that the damage to the environment is minimal. Canola Oil from rapeseed oil is regarded as one of the best sources for biofuel production due to its qualities of being the best lubricant even in steam and water washed metals.

Boris Wolfman has his eyes set on the future and he has carefully chosen the products and services. Fruit such as Apple and Citrus are among the agricultural/horticultural produce that are exported from mammoth packing facilities in Mersin and Sparta. With 15000 tonnes of capacity running full, the company has managed to sustain the growers with good revenue, while ensuring that employees get a fair deal. The processes and the resources at the disposal of the packing centre ensure that operations are streamlined and efficient.

Royal Innovative possesses extensive expertise in procurement, processing and logistics of fresh produce, with a robust cold chain to support requirements. As an Israeli, Boris Wolfman has helped to bring in the power of technology to the storage and processing requirements. This helps to extend the shelf live of the products despite travelling across continents. The use of natural techniques and technology ensures that the nutrients are sealed within and do not affect the quality of the products. The company actively assists farmers in growing produce with technology and assistance to use the technology.

Boris Wolfman is a man of many hats, and the company has interests in mineral water, coal & manganese, disposable products iron supplies, Canola oil and fruit. The company works with seamless efficiency despite the large number of verticals involved in the business under a single brand name. The use of the right structured management processes, the reliance on technology to help speed up the processes and the ability to leverage the power of networking helps Royal Innovative to tap into global markets with ease. The maintenance of consistent quality and the seamless efficiency with which everything progresses makes the company deliver superior quality products at the most competitive prices.

The need to deliver quality does not have a tradeoff in terms of costs, and vice versa. This is achieved through the use of expertise and the ability to establish long running relationships with multiple stakeholders. The average age of entities associated with Royal Innovative is actually more than the industry average and this is an indication of the consistency achieved in quality and the commitment to maintain the same throughout. Boris Wolfman has brought in Israeli technology to assist growers, while the team continues to look at groundbreaking technology and initiatives to ring in greater efficiency in processes.

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