Businesses are established with the purpose of expanding and growing, and to make a change in the lives of people through products and services. Revenues are an important dimension in the business plans of any organization. Some businesses succeed while others fail due to a combination of many reasons. Among the more successful business ventures, Royal Innovative has emerged as one of the popular entities with wide-ranging business interests. The company which effectively began operations less than a decade ago is now a global player expanding on multiple fronts. The incredible success story of Royal Innovative has been charted by Boris Wolfman and his team. At a time when many businesses were downsizing or shutting operations due to various economic conditions, Royal Innovative was the outlier scripting success on many fronts.

The company is involved in the export of canola oil to biofuel manufacturers in Europe, the export of citrus fruits and apples, trading of coal and manganese, and trading of dinnerware apart from a host of many other activities. Boris Wolfman is regarded in the industry as a visionary with a definite plan for the future. It is towards these strategic goals that he has directed all of his energies and that of Royal Innovative. The single-minded devotion of Royal Innovative towards achieving these goals has helped the company to make impressive progress in every field that it has ventured. Royal Innovative is presently one of the best trading entities for many commodities. It is not only the expertise and success in managing commodities but the exceptional shipping and logistics chain that the company has established which is becoming exemplary in nature.

Supply chain infrastructure and management are one of the most complex and demanding areas of business. There are many aspects that are beyond the control of businesses. To be able to compete with multiple entities and deliver results demands a very high level of professionalism, investments, and resources. Royal Innovative is an expert in bulk carrier operations and this has been incrementally developed over the years. This impressive expertise has helped the company to meet the requirements of buyers and sellers alike. The company has managed to keep costs low through advanced technologies and processes. Demurrage costs at Royal Innovative are one of the lowest in the industry, mainly due to the efficient management of operations.

Similarly, throughout the value chain, the company has maintained focus on ensuring that processes function like clockwork. For instance, citrus fruit exports from Turkey to supermarkets in Europe involve simplified and superfast processes. The company entered into contracts with growers in Turkey, offering them good prices for citrus fruits, in return securing the loyalty of the farmers. This translates on the ground into high-grade citrus fruits, of desired volumes. By ensuring that the quantity of produce is standard and good, Royal Innovative was in a position to directly enter into discussions with supermarket chains in Europe. This arrangement ensures that the produce directly reaches the supermarket inventories in an exclusive manner.